Saturday, January 11, 2014

Puff Stitch Scarf

Puff Stitch Scarf

Not long ago, my lovely sister posted a picture of a knitting needle carrier she made. I let her know how much I liked it, and lo and behold, she sent me one for Christmas for my crochet hooks and she included two new tiny hooks. So talented!

My Lovely Sister sewed me a Crochet Hook Carrier

Here it is again, closed, next to the original packaging that I used to carry my needles in. My original store packaging made me sad because I had two extra needles that it wouldn't hold that just rolled around loose in my crochet container. Yes, I have a crochet container.  Now I have room for two more hooks! Yea me! Yea Sis ~ and THANK YOU! I am loved! I'll have to see if she will send me a pattern to post for you all to make your own! I don't sew, so I would never figure this out.

As promised, here is the scarf I made my Lovely Daughter to complete the trifecta of Puff Stitch Slouch Hat and Gloves. It took a couple of attempts, starting with how wide to make it, then making a complete puff stitch scarf and then changing my mind and combining the puff stitch with a DC. I am happy with how it turned out. So was she. :) <3

After it was finished, I knew I wanted to put a nice fringe on it to add to the length. Here is what I came up with. The puff at the top of the fringe compliments the puff stitch in the scarf very nicely.

Here is what I came up with. Hope you like it!

     Row       Scarf
       R1        CH 18. Puff 7 into the 16th ST (top loop only), CH 1, Skip (SK) 1,
                    Puff 7 across until you have 7 puffs. You should be left with two ST
                    left. SK 1 and DC in last ST. CH 2. Turn.
     R2-6       DC into each ST across, ending with a DC into the top of the first
                    DC in row 1 for 15 DCs across. CH 2. Turn.
       R7        SK 1; Puff 7; CH 1; across for 7 puffs. SK 1, DC into last ST. CH 2.
    R8-end    Repeat, alternating DC row and Puff row, ending on a Puff row
                    until you reach your desired length. Finish off and weave in ends.

     Steps      Fringe
        1          Cut 11 lengths of yarn, approximately 10" - 12" long for each fringe
                    you want to make. I made five on each side of the scarf, but you
                    can make more if you'd like.
        2          Take 10 lengths of yarn, even out and fold over your hook. Pull
                    through the first space between the DC and Puff stitch. Even out.
        3          Take remaining length of yarn and place strands on top in middle.
                    Tie right over left then flip up so you are looking at the back of the
                    strands, tie right over left, then left over right.
        4          Repeat at the opposite end, between the last DC and Puff stitch.
        5          Find the center and repeat.
        6          Find the center between the beginning and middle fringe. Repeat.
        7          Find the center between the end and middle fringe. Repeat.
        8          Repeat on the other end of the scarf.
        9          Fold scarf in half so fringe is lying atop each side. Trim.

I hope you enjoy it enough to make your own Puff Stitch Trio or at least find inspiration to make your own lovely creation! Happy Crocheting!

XO ~
Rolly  <3