Saturday, February 10, 2018

Pussy Gato Mew-Mew Hat (#MeToo)

I can remember when I started crocheting and I found consistent stitches to be a very difficult.  More so because I am pretty OCD.  Now that I've been doing it for awhile, I've tried teaching people, and can see their frustration and remember that feeling when I was just starting.  It takes some resilience to keep going! Making a huge single crochet blanket for my husband was what did it for me.  A lot of "frogging" (I just learned this term! Rip it, rip it, rip it out to start over... ribbit ~ get it?) and just practice, practice, practice!

I'm now trying to crochet using diagrams. Wholly Guacamole!! Some of those patterns are tough. Check out MyPicot for lots of different free patterns with accompanying written instructions. I find that I have to use both as sometimes the written instructions are somewhat confusing and sometimes the diagram is confusing!  They do have a pay version as well that offers more detail.  After some frogging, I figured out their free Textured Wave Stitch and am making a lapghan to donate to the Telephone Pioneers of America to give to a military veteran.

Youtube has been an awesome source of great tutorials for new stitches and projects as well. There are some really talented vloggers out there that are so generous with their knowledge.  Some cater to the new Hooker (hey now...) by being very slow and methodical in their stitches.  Some are super fast, but that pause button works wonders.  I've learned so much!

I recently went to Fancy Tiger Crafts and got some chunky t-shirt yarn. $15 a skein is pricey, but well worth it if you can't be bothered making your own.  Yup,  I found this wonderful tutorial by UpcycledStuff and a whole bunch of t-shirts my hubs doesn't wear anymore.  I will say this. Heed her  warning to avoid print because it doesn't curl as well.  Invest in a rotary cutter. I freehanded mine and got uneven "yarn" and t-shirt fiber E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!

Here's an easy #MeToo hat that works up super quick!  I made 2 in about 20 minutes with the skein I bought and a 15.75mm hook.  I think Fancy Tiger told me it was a Q hook. It's big.

Foundation Row: 
CH 24; SL into first CH.

Row 2-6:            
CH 1; SC around (24 STs); SL into beginning ST

Row 7:              
CH 2; DC into next 2 STs; SC into next 7 STs; DC into next 5 STs; SC into next 7 STs; DC into next 2 ST; SL into top of beginning CH2.

Using a long tail from where you ended, sew top of hat with mattress stitch. Keep in mind that one DC stitch on either side of the hat is not paired and stands alone on the sides.

Super chunky and warm! My sister was trying to make a #MeToo hat with a smaller yet still chunky yarn, took one look at mine and gave me her yarn and hook in exchange for my Pussy Gato Mew-Mew.  Give her a try! She'll look great in any color and adorning your lovely crowns.


xo ~
Rolly <3